My New site -

I just uploaded a new site design -

It’s a micro site that feeds into my main site.
This is my first attempt at creating a site design that has all device sizes.

Although simple, this took a lot of time - I did not enjoy doing the mobile device sizes in Sparkle tbh.

There are some footer issues, but I’m pleased with it in the main.
I think the DNS propagation is still going through if you have trouble viewing the site.

take a look:


Even if you didn’t enjoy it, looks good on mobile.

Thank you @gsstamas, i’ts got me thinking how poor an experience a mobile version of a content heavy site would become. I can’t even think about doing my main site mobile anytime soon. I love and enjoy creating for desktop with Sparkle, but in my experience so far it has a lot to be desired for mobile creation. I hope Duncan is able to make mobile as easy and enjoyable as creating a desktop version in a v3, I so wish, because I do like Sparkle very much.

Thank you again for taking a look :blush:

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Very nice looking site!
My only comment is that the top half takes up a lot more screen real estate than I’d like. Could you make that top orange part 1/3rd of the page and dedicate the bottom 2/3rd to the main content? As it now stands, the top half is a bit overwhelming, at least on my iMac.

@rimram, A good attempt and the mobile version is working well. I’m going to agree with @macmancape regarding the desktop. Maybe not fix the navigation bar because at the moment I only get to see 2/3rds of your website as it scrolls under the navigation bar.

@greenskin @macmancape Thanks to some great feedback guys, yes you are absolutely right!

I have redone the header, let me know what you think know… Yikes!!

Thanks guys,

Huge improvement!! Looks great on both desktop and iPhone! You’ve nailed it!! Good for you!

Thanks @macmancape, yes there is more room to see some content know!


@rimram, Yep that is looking and working much better! :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: All thanks to you guys with some great feedback. This is a great forum community, and I really enjoy hanging here.

It’s showing up in search results and is already ranking high! (In Bing and duck duck go)I think that the microsite idea is really going to work!

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@rimram, That is great news! I’m noticing Bing is a much more fairer search engine than what Google is nowadays! :frowning:

Yeah, your’e absolutely right in saying that and Duck Duck Go is the same. Not so many ads on those two search engines, and web sites with good content will rank higher. I’m excited!!

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Looks good, nice job!

Thank you, It’s a 1st effort on this, I think I can improve it with time. But at least it’s got published! HaHa!!

quel est l’astuce pour que le menu du site reste visible lorsque l’on descend dans la page ? afin qu’il reste en permanence visible ?

Salut, je regroupe les composants de l’en-tête sont tous regroupés, puis j’utilise l’option «Stick to top».

J’espère que cela pourra aider :slight_smile:
Meilleurs vœux,

Parfait, merci, cool.
C’est simple en fait et ça fonctionne parfaitement.
Meilleurs voeux également

Super, oui, facile quand tu sais comment etc.

Meilleurs vœux,