My new website made possible with Sparkle


@Nathan, Not bad! :slight_smile:
You guys have done a really good job with your new website and it looks like you loved using Sparkle in making it! In one way you can’t tell it is a Sparkle built site, but on the other hand I like the subtle touches I know is Sparkle.

Do you offer your clients Sparkle built websites?

Really nice website, clean and simple.
Jobb well done!
Love the menu on the left side of the picture.
Very nice touch.
Did you do that through images?

Thanks Swedutch.

I grouped text links and rotated them 270 degree.

Thanks. We are planning to offer clients sparkle made websites in the near future.

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you rotated them inside Sparkle?

Yes. I used the Rotation option under Arrange tab, in Position and Size.

It gives a really nice touch to the website.

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Wow! I love it! Really gorgeous website!

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Amazing as always, @Nathan!

:metal: :metal: :metal: :metal:

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Compliments, I think it’s a really beautiful site! I don’t know if it’s meant to be that way but it looks like the dark overlay is a bit too small and doesn’t cover the entire photo?

Thanks a lot. It was a mistake.

I am interested how the banner ‘We make your business…’ is created. I would like to implement a similar banner, styled for my site to be published by the end of this month (January).

@SIOCON, It is the new “Typewriter” smart field in Sparkle3.

Tnx: I will check this out.

yes, via the insert menu.

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Really nice website. Compliments!

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MEGA Design! Like like like like :clap: :clap:

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WOW! That is gorgeous. Congratulations.

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Very nice site.

Just a heads up that on my Mac in Firefox (Using Big Sur), the hamburger menu on the WubSites page doesn’t do anything (nor on my iphone).

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