My personal website


this is the first website made with Sparkle :heart:.
It is my personal website. before it was made with joomla.
I know that there are still some small bugs to be fixed, especially in the device part, but overall I hope you will like it.
I will appreciate all suggestions for making the correct improvements


Very nice, well done. :+1:

Guiper, it looks great. I can’t understand italian but enjoyed poking around. I noticed that on your page footer the bottom number was partially masked.

Dear Guido, I have carefully viewed your site, excuse me from now on if I allow myself but since you are asking for suggestions, I will provide you with some quickly. If you decide to use pictographs, you must use all of them with the same strength for the generating line. Try to ensure that the site does not become a sample of characters but rather choose the mood you want to give to your site and go overboard with 3 at most.
Even on websites, colors work more or less with the same rules that exist for paper graphics (food or hazard red, professional or institutional blue, etc., neutral gray, structure, engineering, etc.). On the page where you inserted the laptop in profile, open, black covers part of the headline (I work on a 24 inch). Anyway, since it’s the first one you do with Sparkle, the result isn’t bad.