My Porfolio (100% Sparkle) :-)

Curious to read your potential comments.
Good or bad, I will always get something constructive out of it :slight_smile:

Gilles Papain homepage

Thank you!


Not too bad, I must say. For me the incoming elements from the right could be some kind of smoother, yet slower but overall I like the approach. Would be nice though from the sparkle people to have a smoother scroll to position possible.
Kind Regards,

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Quite a beautiful concept. Kudos.

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@Papain, you sir have done a FANTASTIC job with your site!!!
You have pushed Sparkle and the results look great! :smile:

For me I am not a fan of red on black but you have made the font chunky and large so it works.
One thing I noticed is you site doesn’t work on mobile?

Kudos! :slight_smile: :clap:

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Well done Gilles. Apart from the overall black background color (my very personal opinion), everything looks fine and interesting for someone who takes a deeper look.
Keep on.


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Votre site est bien mais c’est le même mécanisme pour chaque rubrique, c’est simple mais à mon avis d’autres options peuvent aussi être envisagées.

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Thank you all for spending time, checking the website / commenting!

• Black background, I have to say, I was not 100% sure about “full” black, my other option was white. Actually, you gave me the idea to add a “switch”, so user can change their backdoor color!

Creo que es un buen diseño. Has hecho un uso fantástico de la animación y la combinación horizontal/vertical.
Me gusta mucho.

En cuanto al negro, creo que funciona muy bien con este concepto. Tal vez probarĂ­a un gris oscuro en lugar de 100% negro. Algo asĂ­ como #181818


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Black/White switch : Done.

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Very creative Papain. For me there is always something to learn or to enjoy. Compliments!
Maybe one thing: At first I looked at your homepage on a laptop screen and then I think it’s a pity not to see the video without scrolling. Good luck with Sparkle!

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It also works very well with the white background. Congratulations :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thanks for your comment.
What do you men with “ not to see the video without scrolling”?

Hi Papain,
when I open your site on my MacBook Air, with a 17,5 cm screen height, I can see and start the whole video at once (which is perfect), but when I look your site on my HP Probook 430 (screen height 16,5 cm)I have to scroll to start and see the video. Many people are using laptops with the same 16:9 screens.
That’s what I meant, but it depends of course on your own choice. I like your site nevertheless! I was only a tip from my side.
Best regards,

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Got it!
Thank you for the details!!!