My Sparkle site is a mess

Hi, I just made my first site with the free version of Sparkle to test it out before I purchase. I’m from an InDesign background and found it very easy to use. However I’ve uploaded my site to GoDaddy using their CPanel and it looks a complete mess. Some images aren’t there, icons are huge – the full width of the browser and when I resize the browser window, the font changes along with the font size. Can anyone help please:

Sorry, I had to take it down in case the client saw the mess! I’ve been using SVG files and wondered whether that may have caused the problem?

It’s hard to say without seeing it. Please send the project file over to our support email and we’ll help:

I’m very confident Duncan will sort you out but I can think of a few points…

  • I would use Sparkle’s fantastic and reliable Publish to upload your website to your hosting server
  • I would make sure to check (layout, font and image sizes) the Devices I added to my Sparkle project
  • I would make sure, if I have used Auto-Scale, that the Ultra Desktop looks reasonable because a lot of Users are getting tripped up on this where all the elements on the Ultra Desktop looks monstrous

Thanks, I will do that. Where do I find the project file?

Thanks, I’m new to Sparkle and am pretty sure I’m doing something wrong with the “Device” icon. I’ve reproduced the site using other software for now but prefer Sparkle’s DTP feel so would ideally like to use that.


Please have look at the Youtube Tutorials.
Search “Sparkle visual webdesign” (in Youtube).

Mr. F.

Do you literally mean you uploaded using cPanel instead of letting Sparkle do the publishing for you?

Thanks all, I got in touch with Duncan directly and he sorted everything. It was indeed that I hadn’t sorted out the Devices section properly. All good now, thanks again.