My Sparkle Website loses the Publishing FTP settings - Why?

Yup, very frustrating. This is a nightclub site that I made in Sparkle last year and update every month. This is the third time I’ve made the updates (just text), I go to publish the site and the dialogue box tells me the site has not been set up for publishing.

I’d sure like this to stop. It’s the one thing that I dislike about my experience with Sparkle.

Help, please. I’m assuming this is a BUG.

@talkgtr, Sorry to hear this. I have to be honest and say I have never had this issue and I update several different websites per month!

There could be many of reasons why this is happening to you so I think it is best you have a chit chat to @duncan and further explain the situation - it could be something simple. Please use

I confirm this behavior. Hat two or three times at the last updates.


Perhaps this behavior is related to certain hardware or a version of the operating system. Since neither is mentioned here, we can only guess.

I have never had this behavior on my iMac 27 with Big Sur 11.2.3

Mr. F.

Hi @talkgtr,

this has been discussed previously here.

I do monitor this forum and reply where possible every day or two. It’s best not to write to multiple support channels though.