My Sparkling Wish List

With almost a year on my Sparkle Pro, I’m still not over the excitement I felt since I’ve found about the app, It was an app I never used before but somehow knew how to use it.

Sparkle’s unique approach allowed me for faster delivery of websites by eliminating the prototyping process. The well-thought and implemented new features of Sparkle 3 opened up a whole combination of possibilities for how each of my new projects would sparkle better.

Though some (if not all) of these might have already been suggested by other Sparklers, this is my list of features and functionalities that I would be so glad to see in Sparkle in the near future.

• Universal objects (once defined, any change made to them will be applied wherever they are used throughout the document)

• Option to import the main color palette from an image or SVG with fewer clicks

• Relative positioning and sizing of items against the browser edges

• Use of the “alt” key when resizing (resize from the center)

• A page loader animation (sometimes clients are very demanding)

• Interactive .json animation support


@Nathan, Nice! :)…

I would love to see…

  • Able to clear all unused colours and fonts on the completion of a Sparkle project
  • Able to start with a clean document and introduce my colours and fonts needed for the project
  • Drag handle so I can move elements below it down in one drag, especially for mobile
  • visibility of device elements in the right hand panel or in the Layer Panel
  • Able to colour svg files
  • Three point colour gradient ability
  • On-click events animation- mainly images
  • TLC for the Image Gallery
  • Style-able ecommerce buttons
  • Inline link hover animation

Ok, best stop it there otherwise I’ll come across as a bit naughty!
Duncan & Daniele have done a fantastic job with Sparkle so to streamline our workflow on this end in creating a website, but it is all that magic that goes unseen that the two of them have put in years of work to perfect, and probably have lost a lot of hair over it!

So a heartfelt thank you in what we already have but also looking forward to more of that Sparkle magic! :slight_smile:


Thanks to both.

What’s this? How is it different from Lottie files?

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I was meaning to say interactive animations which are responsive to scroll, hover and click. For example a menu icon animating into a close button and vise versa, and animated Lottie files with scroll interactivity.

I’ve seen this Lottie file interactivity guide and didn’t know how to use it in Sparkle.