Name the colors

it would be comfortable, if it will be possible to name any unique color. So if I sit a long time not on a project and then i try to remember what color has what function is really a pain, even if there’s some colors with minimal color changes … would be great to see this.


Thanks for the suggestion

I recently sent Duncan the same request: add ability to assign unique names to colors (because I lose track of which colors I’m using for which items… Example: frame01, frame02, banner-bckgrd, etc.) … And, add ability to save more custom colors (because sometimes I run out with just 18 colors).

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would be great if this will come …

I can see the merit in this but just my 2 cents input… From a human psychological viewpoint when you have more than 1 primary colour the user becomes confused in mapping out how the website works. 1 primacy colour, with a secondary colour, and supportive colour is all that is needed.

Then you can start doing the clever things with the colours by combining them, using the many tones of a colour, etc… Then the colour used around an element like a button will be important to keep consistent throughout the site because again if not it will only confuse the user.

Consistency and simplicity is how I keep my viewers from being overloaded because once that happens the brain goes vague which is shown through anxiety, confusion, boredom, lack of concentration, etc…