Navigation Bar Type Not Centering Vertically

I can’t seem to get the type to center vertically in any of my navigation bars. Any suggestions! See the attached photo. Thanks, Mark
Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 7.47.54 PM

Unfortunately @YankeeRebel there is no vertical centering of text in a text box, so the only way around that is using the paragraph Line Height.

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THANK YOU - that improved it for sure. I wish I had more control especially centering it vertically so it would be more optically centered … without cropping descenders or tails of the letters.


Hi, you can control the line height in the settings - Style - Paragraph - Line height. Maybe it will help.


The only way I’ve got round this in the past is to make the menu block up of a text block on top of another block. Adjust the text position to suit and then group the two blocks applying the meu link to the group.