Need Advice - Large Video Files

I’m on Sparkle 3.06 and I am responsible for a Video DJ’s Website. Since Covid he is doing live shows three times a week on Twitch. I need to be able to host the recorded versions of the shows on the website. The files range in size from 2 GB to 7 GB depending upon the number of hours he is live. It takes a VERY long time to upload the files through Sparkle and when visiting the site the files take a VERY long time to begin playing. I’ve tried uploading the files to the server separately using FTP software to take the load off of Sparkle but Sparkle will attempt to re-load the entire file anyway during the next publish so I scrapped that idea.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to how to better deal with these large files? I can’t use YouTube or Vimeo because their policies on copyrighted music even though the DJ is licensed through ASCAP, BMI, SESAC SOCAN and GMR.

If you are curious, the site is; and the videos in question can be found on the “Live Shows” page.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

@JohnSterlin, Sorry to hear that.
I had a quick look and yes, the page in question takes far too long to load, but there is blocking issues going on as well, please see below…

I’m not too versed in what is going on so maybe some one in the know can chime and help further?
To minimise on the load time I could suggest to take your grouped videos (per heading) and place them on a seperate page. For example the Christmas themed ones.

The other thing is to check what type of hosting platform is being used and its specs. to see if it is suited to what you are trying to achieve with the website.

Hi @JohnSterlin,

video on the web is very tricky. Sparkle’s built-in video component works reasonably well for small videos in the page, but if you have many large videos there’s no other solution than a dedicated video delivery service. If the free ones don’t work for you, you need to use commercial ones.

Hey @JohnSterlin

My best advice is to use Twitch itself as a host. (If your DJ is partnered, then the VODs are permanent)

Grab the embbed code for each video you’d wish to display and use the embedded code within Sparkle to display them. I’ve made some tutorial screenshots for you:

  1. Go to your DJ’s channel

  2. In the menu below his avatar, head over to “Videos”

  3. Head to the transmission you’d want to show first (probably the latest one) and click on the “Share” button

  4. On the “Share” button, choose the “Embbed” </> option

  5. Copy the iFrame and paste it with a Embbed Code widget available on Sparkle.

This way you dont need to host the videos yourself. I know that they may disapear from Twitch after a while if the streamer isn’t partnered, but you can download and storage the transmissions until your DJ gets partnered.

Hope this helps!