Need of Sketch with Sparkle

To whom it may concern. I’m thinking about buying Sketch. I read that some of you are, more or less, frequently using it. What exactly is the need of Sketch when using it with Sparkle?

Many thanks in forward.
Fernando, A good question!

Sketch is a vector design tool mostly used for UI (user interfaces) so it has a lot of design tools that Sparkle hasn’t got built in just yet. For example I can create multi-gradient styles where Sparkle can only use two colours. I can create organic shapes, isometric shapes, etc… which I’m unable to do in Sparkle.

For me I can also collaborate with my client for feedback but in a way I also do the same with Sparkle.

Admittingly you can create a great website just in Sparkle, but for the extra UI components and graphics Sketch comes in very handy! :slight_smile:

Take a look at Affinity Designer before you buy Sketch. I’ve used both and for my workflow I’ve found it to be superior to Sketch. It has the same UI building tools and much, much more. If you use an iPad it has a n iPad app with seamless integration. Affinity Designer is part of the Affinity suite of Affinity Photo and Publisher. These apps are significantly better than Adobe Photoshop and Indesign. Lastly, Sketch isn’t available through the App Store and for reasons I won’t go into here I never buy software not available through the App Store.

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Thanks Hendrik for the sophisticate reply.

Hi Jeffrey, thanks for reply. I’m using the whole Affinity package since the very beginning. Wanted to flee from the Adobe domination, as most of us.
Gonna try it out.

@thetravelhikelife, Very valid points and you are right Affinity Designer is a great product and can do the same as Sketch. The advantage with Sketch for now is that Sparkle has a Sketch plugin which allows for a better workflow.

Do you have examples of that?

@Swedutch, Yes… This site I created it in Sketch and then moved it across to Sparkle (via the plugin) where I further fine-tuned it -

@greenskin, that is very nicely done … Great work

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Another reason that I’m purchasing Sketch. I already have Affinity, but Sketch is what I need for my workflow. Simpler for my needs as well.
Beautiful work Greenskin.

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What can you do with Sketch that you cannot do with Sparkle?
Is it hard to learn Sketch?
Always trying to learn new things

@Swedutch, As you know Sparkle is amazing but there are certain things I do as a web designer that I can’t yet do in Sparkle, like…

  • draw vector shapes
  • draw vector icons
  • draw and create vector patterns
  • multi-gradient (more than 2) colour shapes and graphics

So in the above cases Sketch becomes handy.
Sketch is a vector platform like Affinity Design or Adobe Illustrator, so if you know how to use them then Sketch isn’t that hard to get your head around.

Ok, hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I have Adobe Illustrator so I now understand.