Need to speed up preview

Hi, I would like to ask if there is any possibility to speed up the preview. Maybe clearing the cache in Safari or something similar. It takes me a few minutes to get the preview and sometimes I don’t even get it and have to restart it or change the view in another browser. 70% of my work on a project is taken up waiting for the preview. The project is 295 Mb.
I tried to create a new project and there it renders everything almost in real time. I think there is something overloaded somewhere…
I have a 2020 iMac, 32Mb RAM - OSX Ventura
Thanks for the advice.

It’s only something we can look into. Very complex layouts can cause that, though we already sped it up in 5.0.5, maybe there’s something we can do specifically for your project.

That would be great. I had the idea yesterday to upload the project to the web. The first upload was longer, but each subsequent upload is x times faster than a prewiev, so I’m going to do it that way. Thanks for offering a solution