New AVIF format for images


With version 5 of Sparkle, the new image format AVIF was introduced. Does this now make WEBP obsolete?

I have not yet switched to V5. Still too much sand in the gear.

How to set for images in the future?
4 devices (1200 960 768 320)
3 pixel densities (1x 2x 3x)
3 formats (JPEG WEBP AVIF)
results in 36 files for 1 image. Is that so? And is that necessary at all?

Mr. F.

If you look closely at the image settings, you can only generate webp or avif, not both. 3 pixel densities is generally overkill, we added an “auto” option which generates much fewer (basically 3x on desktop is useless and 1x on mobile is only used by 10 year old phones, so they’re excluded).

Regardless, I don’t recommend using AVIF as it’s extremely slow in compressing, particularly as image sizes grow. I’d recommend sticking to webp unless you want Google to not complain about not using it (which isn’t consistent, but I have seen it).

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