New Feature request: Database Template

Loving Sparkle and have created half a dozen stellar sites replacing my old HTML. Love the simplicity and functionality and the million invisible things it does generating proper style and layout code. However, one site I cannot replace is a Food Recipe site driven by ASP.

Sparkle has a “Show on all Pages…” property which solves half the issue. However, let’s say you have 200 recipes and all you want to do is populate each page with that data. Of course, you can cut and paste the content by copying the template for each recipe page. After doing this, what if you want to change the font, size or layout? Ideally, there would be a “data-driven” solution (like Hypercard had) using Rest on some simple flat-file / table construct. This solution would also make migration to any host server without having to install a SQL DB. Thank you ~ mrb

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Hi @Mark,

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll get there eventually.

Duncan, I know it is a tall order. Continue the fine work you are doing and all that business under the hood. Wishes for good help to you and the staff.