New restaurant site

We are in a seashore vacation destination, Cape Cod. Visitors looking for a restaurant are doing so on their phones, so I began this redesign with that in mind on the 320 layout, then later autoscaled the desktop.

I created large navigation buttons that are easy to use on a phone.

On the menus page, I tried Sparkle’s new background removal feature on the “lobster lady”. I was impressed with how well it took out distracting background.

Love to hear your comments on the site.


It’s a gorgeous website. I’d like to give you a helping hand to make your website more visible: Your home page (index.html) Title is “Home”. If your website is added to browser Bookmark, “Home” is added. If you write your unique catchwords or taglines in the Page Title field, they will be added to Bookmark of browsers.

Alex Park

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Thanks so much, Alex!
Easy fix… will take care of that now!
Glad you like my site!
PS - this restaurant faces west and has some of the best sunsets around! Good food, too!

Gee thanks, I’m starving now…

Come to Cape Cod and have a lobster with a sunset!

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Brother, if I could I’d be there tmrw. Spent 3 yrs in NYC - should have gone back then!!
SOOOOOO hungry, dirty bastard.
If you guys ever need a commercial, I’m your guy. Perfect excuse to take a trip: