New software 4.0

Any word on the update to 4.0 software. Looking forward

Thanks Randy

Still no announcement sorry.


Without committing to specific features or delivery dates, can you share with us a roadmap of where you’d like to take Sparkle? How would you describe your target market? Does it remain unchanged, or might it expand? Within your target market, what unmet or poorly met needs do you identify that Sparkle should address in the coming years? What emerging technological trends have the biggest impact on the way you think about directions for further development of Sparkle?

Sparkle is consumer software, so we don’t really discuss a roadmap. The idea is if you like it as it is today and find the price fair, you can buy it. Future additions will make it better and will be an optional purchase.


Hi Duncan, will the 1440px wide canvas be part of the 4.0 release?

We don’t pre announce features, with the exception of what we just announced :slight_smile:


We call it in my town with this accurate response: PERIODICAZO EN EL HOCICO! :laughing:
@duncan You deliver the right choice with the right vision to who ever want to support you and buy it. Keep up with this amazing piece of software.


Ich warte schon geduldig :grinning:

Kommt hoffentlich rechtzeitig zu Weihnachten :slight_smile: