New Sparkle Icon for the Dock


I would like to suggest that the very next update to the Sparkle app include an update to the application’s dock icon. Presently, it looks rather small and unattractive, trapped on the white background. Is it possible to enlarge the Sparkle icon and place it on a transparent background?

See before and after images below:

Existing Dock Icon

Proposed Dock Icon


You can change the icon yourself if you want.

That’s cool, but I don’t think you can alter the app icon, unless you break open the application package and know where to go to replace the icon files.

You can download the icon here.

I second this comment. I prefer the older icon as well. The new one is too “iPhone-ish” and looses some sparkle.

Yes, you can change an app’s icon, but you have to do that every time the app is updated.

Isn’t the Sparkle icon design this way because it is adhering to Big Sur apple guidelines for icon design?
I think that it might be.



Oh! Well, if this format has been imposed by Apple, that’s unfortunate.

In that case, I would recommend using a black, or dark background color to allow the Sparkle icon to pop visually. The white background competes with the white in the icon’s center and weakens the impact of the colored facets.

sparkle dock black

Can easily swap the new icon for the old or just make your own that syncs with your workspace theme. Here’s a 5 min stab at something “fuller”. Needs work, but you get the idea.

Replace those Affinity, adobe & office icons next. :grinning:

Office and Photoshop are on their way out. Affinity and Sparkle, however, are new arrivals and eventual replacements for the Adobe suite. Pages, Keynote and Numbers have already replaced my Office apps.

Are you not a fan of the Affinity apps?

Affinity Rocks!
Here’s my spin for Affinity icons:

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I meant, just replace the icons with something better- not the apps themselves. Affinity is awesome. Love Designer. Still use PS mostly, but can see an exit someday. Same boat with Pages, Keynote and Numbers replacing Office.

Affinity, Sparkle & DaVinci Resolve are the new wave.

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The app icon is excellent and fully adhers to macOS Big Sur design language (the outer glow is especially nice). Before posting such comments please make sure you understand what you are talking about.

So make the background black.

And who are you to police opinions and suggestions, as this has been marked?

I’m very glad the new icon looks more distinguishable from the Photos icon. I can’t count how many times I clicked on one when I meant to click the other.
And in the same vein, I wish a search on “sparkle” didn’t bring up so many pages of unwanted links. In other words, I wish for something that would distinguish it somehow. On the bright side, there seem to be so few web sites or pages about Sparkle it doesn’t seem to matter much.