New website - a few issues

just launched the new site!!!
I’m really pleased - huge thanks to @duncankrummel and the team.

Sadly i have a few issues.
now its live my upcoming events calendar is not displayed and instead showing a 403 issue ??? can anyone explain what went wrong?

also i am using the same address and server as the old site, so in a google search all the old pages can still be found, should i delete them off the server? can anyone give me some advice, I’m an artist not a programmer so need a little help here.

can i add an auto redirect to the new home page?
if so please explain how i would do that

another issue just discovered the contact form isnt working???
how do i link it to our email - is there a tutorial somewhere


The description of the errors is a bit poor. You can’t expect much help there. A detailed description of what is not working, or what you think is not working properly is urgently needed.

You could also call the garage and say “My car won’t start. What can it be?” What do you think the face on the other end of the line looks like?

So no offense. We’ll be happy to help you here if we know where to start.

To the form. I don’t know if this is needed, but there is a missing field for the sender’s e-Mail address, which will be used as the reply address in the sent mail.

Then you didn’t mention how the mail should be sent: (a) via server (b) extended sending.

A screenshot of your settings for the form would help.

Mr. F.

I could suggest @imernater to ask the designer of your site about the issues knowing they put it together. Also your site needs an SSL Certificate slapped against it.

I’ve decided to remove the contact form, it would be nice but it is a little unnecessary for my industry.
My upcoming events calendar seems to be working now, i used a google calendar link so not sure why it started working - hopefully its fixed itself.

main issue now is the redirect from previous pages. my home page is the same as previous build, but a google search for my company brings up the old pages - i could delete them (is that a good idea) or if someone clicks the link i would like an auto redirect to my new home page, can anyone advise on how to do this?

@FlaminFig - i made the old site with iweb, have never worked with code.

@imernater, I would recommend if you have access to your hosting cPanel to do a permanent 301 redirect of your old URLs to the new URLs. Google will take a while to catch up in letting go of the old and in with the new, and this is the most effective way to go about it.

For now deleting of your old website pages will have your Users pushed onto a 404 error message.
I know this can be boring but here is something to explain it further - Checking your browser - reCAPTCHA


You tell us about old and new, but what is what? Could you please post screenshots and/or links of these two versions? To be honest, i can see only 1 version.

And when you have the same web address, there can only be 1 homepage. Did you refresh/delete the browser cache? Or has Google an older version in the cache?

Mr. F.