New website, Electrical Company

just finished a new website for an electrical business.
What do you think?




Very nice, good work. :nerd_face:

Looking good Michael! :)…

Could I suggest a couple of things -

  1. have at least name and email text containers for your contact form “require validation”
  2. you might want to take another look at your mobile layout? The font is really hard to read because of the size and everything seems a bit squashed
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Anytime mate, suggestions are always welcome.
Thanks for that.

  1. will do
  2. honestly I have up with the mobile jiggling around. Moved things and then desktop version didn’t fit anymore. Wasted 4 hour today and still didn’t work out. Making a Sparkle site takes lot of time. That what you safe from the beginning you put it dull in with the optimation . No time saved actually.

Hi Michael,
Lovely website that shows off the capabilities of Sparkle very nicely. You did a nice job with the “reveals” and the overall layout is very contemporary and good looking; you are to be congratulated!

However, several English grammar and spelling issues mar the site and need to be addressed soon.
“Wether” in the first text block WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED needs to be “whether”.

In the SERVICES blocks:

  • DOMESTIC ELECTRICAL: Reword this paragraph as: “Call us to boost your home’s value and enhance your lifestyle and comfort, whether by changing a lightbulb or handling all of your electrical work.”
  • VOICE AND DATA: you need a semi-colon after the word “online” to keep it from being a run-on sentence.
  • TV POINTS & ANTENNAS: This whole block needs to be rewritten. How about this wording instead?
    “We fix TV reception problems and more. We will hide cables in the wall. We can mount your TV on the wall, too.”
  • SECURITY & CCTV: Add an “s” to “matter” so it says “Protect what matters.” Also make “security alarm” plural, so it agrees with the rest of that list.

ABOUT US: “SA ‍Power ‍Electrical ‍is ‍an ‍Electrical ‍contracting ‍business ‍located ‍in ‍Adelaide, ‍SA.SA ‍Power ‍Electrical…”
Insert a space between the two SA’s, or better yet, force the first one to remain on the line above, rather than wrapping to the next line. It looks bad now but it’s an easy fix.
Insert a semi-colon after the word commercial: “SA ‍Power ‍Electrical ‍covers ‍all ‍electrical ‍repairs, ‍maintenance ‍and ‍installations ‍for ‍all ‍applications ‍including ‍domestic ‍and ‍commercial, ‍whatever…”
In the last paragraph of the ABOUT section: ‍"SA ‍Power ‍Electrical ‍is ‍more ‍than ‍just ‍an ‍electrical ‍contracting ‍business, ‍we ‍specialise ‍in ‍many ‍other ‍fields ‍other ‍than ‍electrical ‍such ‍as ‍Voice ‍& ‍Data, ‍TV ‍& ‍Antennas ‍and ‍Home ‍Entertainment ‍& ‍Automation." Insert a semi-colon after “business” and remove “other than electrical” as that’s redundant.

NAVIGATION: The link in SERVICES does not work.

OUR COMMITMENT AS ELECTRICIANS:In the last block, the one about QUALITY, rewrite the last sentence to say, “We clean up after ourselves.” rather than “We are those that clean up after us.”

OUR VOICE: Align the text in the first block a bit lower to match the levels of text in the following two blocks. Just bump it down one line, and shrink the size of the background by the same amount to match the size of the other two blocks.

Dave Doolittle
Sandwich MA


Very nice website, looks very professional. Good work. :+1:

@MiWe, Yes the mobile point can be a bit frustrating but if your think 1 column (which is really all that can fit within the 320px breakpoint) then with that mind-set the mobile breakpoint becomes a bit easier to visualise and get done! Also viewing it on an actual mobile device will highlight the areas that just won’t work for a mobile-user, hence allowing for further accurate adjustments to suite a mobile-user’s needs! :slight_smile:

le site est cool, j’aime beaucoup;
Je voulais savoir comment faire pour faire un menu comme le tien, avec un soulignement de couleur lorsque l’on survole le bouton.
Merci de ton aide.

Thanks a lot for you recommendations that is very appreciated. Sometimes you can hear and read that my English is not my first language and always thankful for Tipps like yours. Thanks a lot, means a lot to me.

the site is cool, I like it a lot;
I wanted to know how to make a menu like yours, with an underline of color when we hover over the button.
Thanks for your help.

Nice site, well done. I noted below this…

On the footer - the made with love by WETEC, clicking on WETEC takes you to the index of the site. Was this your intention? Seems a bit odd to me!


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@rimram yeah you’re right, I saw it yesterday when I ran a usability tool over it. Thanks for pointing it out. :pray:

Hi Sir,

Question how did you do that gallery section on sparkle?


@ericmndz, It looks like Michael has changed the website he made in Sparkle over to a bootstrap platform, so what you see now has nothing to do with Sparkle.

Oh okay @greenskin. maybe you have an idea of how we can do that effect on Sparkle?


@ericmndz, Sorry no. What you see on Michael’s site is not doable yet in Sparkle. The lightbox effect (where a larger version of the image pops up after a click), but then staying in the lightbox and sliding to the next image isn’t.

@greenskin Oh okay thanks for your time.

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