New website of photographer, designed by photographer using Sparkle

I’ve resigned my website with Sparkle, and would love some feedback from the community. Thanks.

@jfa, Not a bad attempt but I could suggest a few things…

  • slap a SSL Certificate against your website - I was warned, “Connection not private
  • some pages are long which would benefit from navigation that will get me back to the previous page or back home which I know your logo does
  • just check on your text size for mobile - it could do with at least another 3-4pt

Love your unique approach to your photography! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the time you took to give me such constructive input.
Much appreciated.
I’ve struggled with Sparkle to find a good way to scroll text, but haven’t come up with a solutions so far.
I’ve seen design solutions on other sites, but can’t replicate this with Sparkle, like click to expand/ shrink.
More time…

I fixed the SSL Certificate with the host provider.
I’ll look at your other suggestions when the update to Sparkle comes out.
Cheers again.

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