New website with Sparkle

Hi Sparkler :wave:, as you are such a great help to find some mistakes, I want to show you a new site of mine: newsite. I will remove the popup as soon as possible, but we need the advice for some weeks. Is there anything missing or wrong?
Thanx in advance :pray:

Very nice and simple crafted site, well done!
I have only one suggestion regarding viewing
the site on a mobile (in portrait mode) :
I would justify the text

Justifying the text will make more appeasing to read
on mobile (portrait mode) devices :slight_smile:

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What do you mean? I do not get it :wink:


Well done.

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Ich glaube, es ist gemeint, die Schrift etwas hervor zu heben vom Hintergrund. Z.B. mit einem leichten hellen, leicht durchsichtigen und unscharfen Hintergrund hinter der Schrift.

Hi Steffi.

Well done. I would suggest that you make the background of the dropdown menu more opaque or better make it solid.

Mr. F.

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I thought about it, but preferred this opacity. Merci, Steffi

Aaah, verstehe. Ja, das ist nicht immer super lesbar. Aber die Effekte funktionieren ja nicht soooo super. Vielleicht schhaue ich mir das bei der Seite noch mal genauer an. Aber die Seite wird so gut wie gar nicht auf dem Phone angeschaut, daher finde ich das nicht so wichtig. Danke für Deine Übersetzung :wink:

Please don’t get offended

But please keep the conversation/discussion in English!

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This is what i mean with JUSTIFY text:
Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 12.48.01

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Personally I find justified text to be very unpleasing to read :slight_smile: and strongly advice against it. It can look better if you look at the page from far away, but particularly with the longer german words the in-line spaces become horrible.


I am with @duncan . Justification must be set manually, otherwise the text is not reader-friendly. Unfortunately, this is not possible on the internet, so I have to live with it. With law firms, unfortunately, you have these miserably long technical terms and I can’t wrap them manually. Kerning and spacing is also only possible to a limited extent online. But fortunately that applies to all websites :wink: But thanks anyway for your feedback.

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Another one with @duncan. Leave justified text to books where VERY sophisticated print software handles the justification rather than just adding spaces to pad out the text, which produces a horrendous mess.

However, to keep things together you can introduce manual breaks using alt-return and non-breaking spaces using alt-space when entering text. I use these to prevent widows (one word appearing on its own on a line).


It’s recommended to have a button at the bottom of the long page to go back to the top of the page, to prevent scrolling back.

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justify bedeutet Blocksatz

Danke, Blocksatz haben wir hier schon für eine Webseitengestaltung ausgeschlossen :wink: Liebe Grüße Steffi

English please, thank you :pray:

abra100pro translated into german for me. I answered, that we were finishes with the discussion and I think this must not be translated again. :wink: