Newbie site links question

I’m brand new to Sparkleapp. Part of the reason I choose this program is that the documentation said that I could import the pages from my previous web site. So I just imported over 150 pages of my previous site, one at a time, to Sparkelapp.

I see that the pages look very much like my previous web site. The pictures and text are still in the same places, etc.

However I was amazed to find that when I opened my site in the Preview mode that all of the internal site links still work the same as in my previous web site. I can move all around my site by clicking on any text link or menu button.

Is it unusual that the links still work after importing pages? It will save me countless hours of having to redo hundreds of links. I’m hoping that they will continue to work as I clean up my site, and then add new pages that I will link to the existing pages.


@RyanT, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

The Sparkle import feature is fantastic and I assure it is no glitch that your active links have all come along for the ride… that is how the page import feature works. So yes the active links will stay in place unless you change them yourself in Sparkle.

Have fun! :)…

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