Newly published real estate site, created for a new client

There is no database, because the agency does not have many properties and in any case there will never be more than thirty, this makes it easy to replace those sold, correct prices and so on … I hope you like it.

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I see @maxsanna you have put a lot of creative work into this, so well done! :slight_smile: :clap:

A couple of small things…

  • On desktop you have a very large “white space” gap before I get to the bottom of the page.
  • On mobile your navigation icon is missing.
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Thank you so much for your comments FlamingFig, I couldn’t remove the white space and, believe me, I tried. It’s my cross with the use of Sparkle. Thanks also for your comment regarding the burger menu, but I keep seeing it. Yet I test the sites with 4 different smartphones and even on the TV … I would be infinitely grateful if you would make me understand better …

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Hi @maxsanna
I had another look on mobile (plus a number of browsers) and I’m happy to report your main hamburger icon is viewable on mobile.

On iOS it wasn’t, but after about 15 odd seconds it made an appearance.
Keep up the good work! :slight_smile: :clap:

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Awesome work.

I too have the same problem with this “white space” on my website. @ducan Can you check this problem on the mobile please?

I do know what that “white space” is

Whenever you create a full screen pop up menu for mobile, the resizing on the bigger screens takes place and makes it occupy the screen as well. You need to minimize it to the best you can, then you can move the footer up, but only on the bigger screens where you wont use the menu.

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Thank you very much!

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How do you say “WOW” in Italian?
Fabulous site!

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Thank you so much macmancape, we use words that I can’t write here, but let’s say WOW is also in use a lot! Thanks again for your appreciation.

Very nice site even though I don’t understand a word. You’ve done well with the design. Well done!

Thank You very much! I’m trying to do my best with Sparkle!