Newsletter Signup

I apologize if this is already a post somewhere. I’m going through the documentation and posts, however, I do not see any real mention of an integration or other feature set to allow the form submissions to work with newsletter signups, marketing lists, and email lists such as MailChimp, Constant contact, etc. Is this something that can work on a submission or is the only option for a from to email us?

This is what I’d like to see in the end so if anyone has a solution or recommendation, I appreciate it:
I have a Pop-up that arrives after someone is on the site for 20s - I see this as possible, so no instruction here is needed.
After the popup shows up, people sign up for my newsletter and submit. When submitting their information, the popup goes away.
After submitting, the information gets added to my mailchimp so that when sending out newsletters, these subscribed people are automatically added.


The general case of this is more complicated than you think.

The main problem is email addresses are personal information, so GDPR/CCPA/LGPD is involved, which mailchimp auto-complies with only if you use their own forms. These don’t integrate with anything, so you use their popup etc.

If you don’t want to use mailchimp’s forms, it’s easy enough to implement a client for the mailchimp API, send them the email address, then call into Sparkle’s javascript to close the popup, but you will have to also implement some form of consent solution.

MailChimp’s own pop-up form builder will create the form you need very easily - but I guess you already know that. You will also note that the generator creates a confirmation message that also displays in the pop up. This is just common courtesy to let the visitor know that they have been added to your mailing list. Clearly, if the pop-up just disappeared after submission of the form, no one would see the message and wouldn’t know what was happening. All you have to do is add the line, “close this pop-up to continue viewing our site” to the thank-you message. I don’t think anyone is going to object to clicking on the close icon to get rid of the pop-up.