No free image cropping

@duncan Excited to hear image cropping is coming. Hopefully alpha masking too? Currently rely on Pages for this often needed task.

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I’m sorry, but you don’t get it. Sign me out please.

Certainly an option that I look forward too. Thanks @duncan. V3.01 is a significant improvement for Sparklers. (Insert applause here). I’m a non coder and still struggling with image placement, but all in all Sparkle is still a program I believe in and support.
There’s tons of image editors with layers, and rulers etc. Many Sparkle users can fire one up at a very low cost. Everybody doesn’t use PS.

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With all due respect, although these are all great and useful suggestions, I don’t understand how refusing to buy Sparkle because it lacks that certain feature helps the development of the software. For all their passion, these guys also have to eat…