No Internet connection

Suddenly I get an error in Sparkle that I have no internet connection. But I do have an internet connection. I’m typing now also this message here and if I try meanwhile to publish my website. Again the message:“Cannot make a connection”. Very strange. Is the app corrupt? Please who can help to solve this problem.
thanks in advance Ton.

@Ton1949, Maybe the server you are trying to publish too is having issues which Sparkle is detecting, although your personal internet connection is working fine.

You had me chuckle - “Is the app corrupt?”. Sparkle is far from corrupt! But if the issue persists I would run it past @duncan

I expressed myself wrong (haha) Sorry I ment “is the app broken”? So you suggest to wait a while? It’s hours ago and still no connection.

@Ton1949, Perhaps you can check the connection to the webserver with a program like Filezilla? Best regards, Hans

I did connect with Yummy FTP Pro and get an excellent connection. See al my folders and files etc. It is a mystery.

It is. Then you need to ask Duncan for help?

Yes I think so, I will look in the Help file of Sparkle. Thanks !

A server upgrade switched on the more secure SSL settings, which macOS 10.10 doesn’t support. We have reverted those settings and it should work now. I do think it’s time everybody on 10.9 and 10.10 should upgrade to at least 10.11, which as far as I know didn’t deprecate any hardware.