Non Javascript "fall back" solution

Hi Duncan, hey Folks.

I would like Sparkle to have a “fall back mode” for visitors with deactivated Java Script. I think that those items like the menu und Video Playback should work without Java Script enabled, in a basic mode.

@Fehmarnufaktur, I know what you are saying but having hosted our clients websites now for just over 10 years the stats. show that 0.5-2% is the most ever that turn off their javascript. The majority of people don’t even know that their browsers has preferences.

Sparkle produces pages built with so called progressive enhancement. In other words JavaScript is attached to the page to enhance whatever HTML and CSS can’t achieve.

I’m afraid that video and menus currently require JavaScript to work. Making them work without JavaScript is a low priority.

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If im honest I did‘nt know that the amount of users with deactivated Java Script is so small. That‘ s the kind of forum knowlege transfer that i‘m looking for, thanks a lot! I love the software, I was only a bit scared as I tested my new Site without Javascript turned on.