Not much updates lately

Would be nice to have an accordion drop down menu for our Q&A page …

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@o4n, I think you’ll find Duncan & the Team (there are on two of them) busily working on the next big iteration of Sparkle, and based on all the feedback they have been getting I’m sure it will tick a lot of boxes for you! :slight_smile:

I’m not so sure about the accordion function though…
It might work nicely on desktop and tablet but a bit of a nightmare on mobile especially when there is a paragraph or two of text under a tab. It is something I don’t miss!

I categorise my Q&As to help the user making it an efficient task for them to get their answers. Or I just present it in a simple manner on the appropriate page.
Example -

Nice, thx.
I’ll consider something like this …

You could present a FAQ question that could be an ‘on click’ option. It’s a little convoluted by the text could be placed behind a rectangle, grouped, then on click could be a ‘picture’ of the answer.
Conversely I’ve linked a question to all the interactions of an answer on another separate page.
Ie question > page answer question 1.

I mostly agree, and in general I think accordions are much wanted by who is designing a site, more than who’s using it anyway,

Anybody seen an accordion that works great on mobile? Generally the page moves around and you have to scroll back and forth to open and close stuff.

Anybody can point to a great one, that’s in fact better than not having one?

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I would love an accordion function too. Got feedback from one of my customers, that it is hard to scroll down that much… Maybe there is an idea for a workaround?

I think I would prefer a modal option where clicking a link or title pops up a modal window with the info. The modal itself could automatically be a hidden (but editable) element on the page that can only be seen in the final site when a link is clicked that triggers the modal. This would mean you could create several modals (each with a unique name) and trigger them from a visible link in a page.

Accordions are ok on desktop sites, but I’m always aware of the usability of accordions on mobiles. For me, they can be a bit hit or miss.


Who knows a good example of a website with an accordion function?

HERE is a list of websites that use accordions quite well.

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@francbrowne. Frank. Thanks for those examples. I haven’t as yet viewed them on an iPhone. I’ve worked with drop downs for iPhone variants in the PC world and it was always pop up layers, but with some difficulty. Font sizes, editing, etc.
We finally went with a separate page for answers to queries. This worked well with a back arrow on the page, taking you back to the original question page.

Had a look at the accordion examples and for the most they were a shocker on mobile to interact with! The only standout with a bit of tricky javascript was example 3. Also noticed some examples have walked away from the accordion all together.

My take on this is that if your website content is that lacking that you have to annoy your user with so many Q&As I think you need to go back and redo your content and not annoy people on mobile with this inconsistent frustration. Accordions are not for mobile!

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I agree with your statement …

Accordions are frustrating on mobile!

I don’t see a problem with scrolling through a (short) Q&A page, especially on mobile.

People are used to scrolling on mobile, we do it all day long … scrolling through chats, mails, websites …

I think it feels much more “natural” to scroll through a website on mobile, than having to deal with the often unexpected behaviour of an accordion …

And yes, if the Q&A page gets too long, it might be time to rethink the content. :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Duncan
I like Accordions for example for Archive items. I really miss the accordion in Sparkle (actually the reason I still don’t use Sparkle.
If it can work fine for desktop then I would only use it in the desktop version and skip it for the mobile version. Because for mobile I want to put only ‘on the go info’ anyway (and no FAQ and no Archive etc)