Not seeing Privacy banner on site

I have followed the instructions I found here and on the documentation, created a privacy policy page, and set it up in my website. However, while I can see the privacy banner within Sparkle, on the privacy policy page, it doesn’t show up anywhere on my website. Not on the privacy page and not as an overlay on the other, eg. main page. I’ve checked this on multiple machines and browsers. When I look at the “arrange” section when the Privacy banner is active in Sparkle, the sections showing Visibility are greyed out. This looks like it should be running, but isn’t. Please help!! Thanks! Bob Zorich

Perhaps you accepted the cookie banner (i.e. clicked ok)? A cookie is stored on your computer so that the cookie banner isn’t shown again. You need to click “Remove” (generally in the privacy policy page) to reset that.

Unfortunately, no, it never appeared to allow to click ok. I tried this on several computers (two Macs, a PC, iPad and iPhone and on Edge, Chrome, Safari and Brave), both mine and my wife’s and the banner never showed up at all. And also, while the banner shows up in Sparkle, doesn’t show up on the privacy page at all, either in the preview or on the published version on the web. The above picture is what it looks like in the Sparkle app on the privacy policy page, while the picture here shows the same page running from the browser.

Might be best to send website link and project file via email:


Just mark the gray banner and check the settings: style, arrange and page.
You could post screenshots if you like.
Did you put the banner in a layout block?

Mr. F.

Hi. Yes, the banner is in a layout block. I will try to post screen shots of the settings. The first three (hopefully) will be the settings for the gray banner. You will see on the arrange setting (screenshot 2) that the visibility section of the banner is grayed out, which I thought was odd, but then I’m new to Sparkle and don’t know what to expect (I’m on 5.0.5, and a Mac Mini M2 Pro, Ventura 13.4.1 btw). The next three photos are the style settings for each of the buttons. They look ok to me, but again, this is the first time I’ve seen them. Functions look grayed out.

ok, thanks Duncan. Will do


Looks OK. The only thing i would change is going from Opt-out to Opt-in. You could test this. Should work in preview mode.
Don’t know if the layout block plays a role here.

Mr. F.

Unfortunately, Opt-In and Opt-Out both have the same results - the banner does not show up in preview on any page, nor on the web, including on the Privacy Policy page. Moving the banner outside the layout block and into a space in between the two other layout blocks also made no difference. Still is not visible on the privacy page and does not show up on any page.

OK Mr F and @duncan, I found it and boy, do I feel dumb. lol.

Initially, when I created the Privacy Policy page in the settings, I assumed it also enabled the privacy policy. I went back to the settings page, and saw it say “Enable Privacy Policy”, clicked on it, and now, of course, says “Disable Privacy Policy”, which I could have sworn it said before when I set the page up.

So, now it shows up at the bottom of the page as expected, and I need to edit things a little to put the “Remove” button back on the Privacy Page, as the banner does not show up there, and therefore the Remove button isn’t available. Minor tweaks.

Sorry for the newbie confusion. I knew it was something I had done wrong, and not a bug, just thought when I created the page from the settings, it enabled the feature also.