Not updating minor text changes

Latest version of Sparkle. and when i make a few small text changes, the old text is still there after republishing. Any help here? Don’t know if it’s a bug in the new version or not.

I decided to recreate the site. The issue must have been funky code because I was working from a site I created in Sandvox and downloaded w Sparkle. The clean slate was the answer.

You might have been seeing an old cached version in your browser. The answer is to keep hitting Return until the new page loads, or use a different browser.

Thanks, seems logical, but no that wasn’t it. I made those checks. Pretty sure it was as I thought, bad code from the downloaded site.

I use Amazon Cloud for my web site. It caches the earlier versions around the world and doesn’t update immediately.
If I want to force Amazon to update all the cached versions I have to go in and do what Amazon calls an invalidation. That causes the newest version to download to the various sub-servers.