Number of items in main menu

I want more choices in the main menu then will fit across, so some are automatically being excluded. I’m not looking to use a font size that’s very small/not readable. Is there a way to get additional menu choices to wrap to a second line?

I’m not aware of any way to do this other than making your own nav bar manually. That’s what I did on this site, not because I needed the space, so much as a creative choice to make things easier for phone users:

Meanwhile, uncheck the menu setting that makes all items the same width. That may be enough to help.


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Hi @zim528, no Sparkle’s menu system doesn’t automatically wrap items to a second line.

In general site navigation is for site visitors, and since short term memory has a limit to about 5 items, it’s good practice to curate/trim the navigation to account for that. 5 items is more or less what fits on a desktop layout.

If you really want two or more lines of navigation you can duplicate the menu, use the eye icon in the menu settings to hide some items and show others.

Other tricks to get more items to fit is to uncheck the “same size” option, that gives a variable size width to each item instead of using the widest item size for all, or to clip the text (if possible).

You can also add sub-menus to group related items. This is already more in the direction of curating the navigation structure, but it can be really quick to either create a new submenu or use an existing one (click the icon at the bottom of the item list, drag menu item into the submenu).