Objet appear on scroll

Hi everyone, Do you know how to make an object appear at a certain height, say for exemple not before 500 px ? I’m pretty sure it’s possible but can’t find my lazy way through it.
(right now I wish to make a hamburger menu appear when the top one disappears)

best ragards


What you are looking for is probably “Animate ‍while ‍scrolling”.
You can find more information here:


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Thanxalot Shadowfax, it’s not quite what I’m looking for but it’s neaby.
I’m wish to make an object appear at a certain point, and stay in place till the page bottom.
(in a better world this object would be a hamburger menu :wink:


Okay, now I understand. :blush:

That effect you can achieve with “groups” and have them stick to the top …


So you animate the group to appear at a certain point and then later they stick to the top of the page.

And a group can contain anything … even a hamburger menu … :+1::blush:


Maybe he wants something you can see on this website: T-Online
The Hamburger Menu appears after scrolling a bit down.

Mr. F.

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Thanx Shadowman, the group, that’s the very solution !
(as often ;-))

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that’s that, for sure indeed !