Oddly shaded Pages column…any ideas why?

In the past when I made sections they all appeared in the Pages column as text over a light grey box.
But when I looked earlier tonight it had changed to light grey boxes in the top 6 sections and dark grey for all the lower sections.
When I tried to do a screenshot they all appeared light grey (so the image below is a photo taken with my phone).
And if I click on any other window (Finder window or another Sparkle project or any other window) the dark sections go back to normal light grey.
I imported a bunch of pages from another Sparkle project…maybe that did something.
Any ideas why and how to fix this?


@maxim, Maybe it is more to do with “luminance”?
Whatever is below the Sparkle Window gets slightly opaquely coloured. Try moving the Sparkle Window around and see what happens…

Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried all sorts of ways of moving the window around and the “half dark” effect stayed the same.
Oddly, when I made full screen all of the upper section names became darker (screenshot attached).

This is a reply to Mr_Fozzie who wrote
“It seems you are using an older version of sparkle, right? It does not look like ver 3.1.*
Please tell us more about your hardware, operating system and the sparkle version you have.
It could be by design.”

I am using Sparkle 3.0.8 (8420)
I am used to getting an alert when there is an update.
I just downloaded the latest version and it turned out to be 3.0.8.
Is there a 3.1 I am unaware of?

I am on a 2017 iMac Pro 32 Gb RAM running OS 10.14.6 Mohave.



Sorry for the confusion. My fingers were too fast. Should read “version 3.*”

I have the same hardware and same sparkle - but i’m on Big Sur 11.3
I do not see these triangles or chevrons left and the device selector is more on the right sight. That made me think of an order sparkle version. 2.8 maybe.

So it could be related to your MacOS Mohave.

Mr. F.

I wonder if I will ever find out what it is.
I have been delaying updating my OS as I use Photoshop and Illustrator quite a bit.
What are you using instead, if anything?

Hi. I can recommend: Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher. All 3 in the App Store and really affordable strong Apps. Very similar to the Adobe’s you are working with. Needs a bit time to learn the new UI. But there are plenty of Youtube tutorials for this.

Mr. F.

I got away from all Adobe products a few years ago; sick of the “pay us forever” model.
I replaced PS with Pixelmator Pro. I don’t use Illustrator but the votes for Affinity Designer are strong.
(PS: Last I checked there is a 90-day fully functional free trial for all Affinity apps.)

Yep, here’s the trial:

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