Off topic - sorry: a simple app to check duplicate files?

I don’t know what’s happened but I found several folders that seems identical where inside I see files with several names. I am not able to control every name in every folder because I afraid can wrong. Do you know some free app, anche full functionally, that give to me possibility to search through folders duplicate files by name or size?
Thanks you!

@MultimediaMan, I’m not sure what you are getting at? Sparkle doesn’t duplicate files but it does batch the same image for the different devices so it offers an optimised image for the particular device viewing your site So in other words a mobile device will be served up images optimised for mobile.

No, it’s not Sparkle’s fault. I made some backups of the sites made with Sparkle but now I find several identical folders and I wanted to do some checks to delete the ones that are the same, that’s all.

@MultimediaMan, O that sounds messy! I think from this end knowing I have the Sparkle file I would start over placing my exported code in different folders.

Sorry can’t help with the app. Not aware of one.

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