Old slideshows no more working in 5.0.4

Now I came across another weird thing: I spent a lot of time adding new material to a long existing (building up) website, which I had started with Sparkle a long time ago. I converted it to V 5 and added new stuff. Then I tested everything in Preview, saved to disk a High performance version and an Offline compatible version (which I always do), checked everything in the Offline version again … everything worked: All the videos played, all the slideshows played, all the pages looked ok.
I uploaded my newly extended page through Transmit (which I always do). When I checked now, none of the several Slideshows worked anymore. The thumbnails moved, but the big picture always stayed the same.
I tried in Firefox, in Safari and in Vivaldi … everywhere the same. I reuploaded again. Did not help. Checked again in Preview, checked again the Offline version: All clear. It’s just online that the slideshows don’t work anymore.
Do I really have to renew all my slideshows or is there a way to fix that porblem.
Together with my Beachball problem Sparkle 5 is not stable for me (sigh).

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I can not confirm this. My “old V4.5” slideshow does work after switching to Sparkle 5.
Must be something else in your case.

Mr. F.

Thanks Mr_F for taking time to answer. I will make more test to narrow the possibilities. But it was important for me to know that it’s NOT a Sparkle problem.


I have not ruled out a bug in Sparkle, or have I? Well then.

You can make various settings in a slideshow. Maybe you have something that I don’t have set. A screenshot with the settings and / or a link to the live website would also help.

Mr. F.

I tried something, which works (but is NOT what I really wanted): I cancelled the thumbnails, which I had placed underneath the main picture (just unchecked them) and now I can go through the image gallery … but without seeing what’s coming, or several of the pictures as thumbnails.
That’s the status at the moment. Checking more.

Some time later: Strange! When I delete the thumbnails, all the Image Galleries work even online. When I just uncheck and recheck the thumbnails, it works for some Galleries, but not for all. I also tried to change the size of the whole Gallery and the amount of thumbnails … for some Galleries it works for some not.
In the end I deleted the thumbnails in all Galleries, just to have a working website again. But probably Duncan should look into it.

This should be fixed in 5.0.5.

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Again: Glad I didn’t hallucinate. :slightly_smiling_face:

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