On Click -> multiple actions possible?

I’m try to achieve the following:

User clicks button, triggers 2 events:

  1. Downloads a file
  2. Displays a landing web page (to provide FAQs about the downloaded file).

I can achieve 1 OR 2 with On Click, but not both. Is there a way to do this on-click or perhaps the landing page initiates the download automatically?

Downloading a file is effectively navigating to a page, so you can’t achieve both.

However since navigating to a downloadable file bounces back to the original page, you can make the link on the original page navigate to the landing page, and in there trigger the download.

Triggering the download, which would be like automatically clicking a link, is not something that’s built-in in Sparkle.

You can add a tiny bit of code in an embed box to make it happen, say:


@obdulax, A solution I have been working with is using the form/send button. A User puts in their name and when they hit the send button, instead of it going to a Thank You page, I have it going to a page with the information they need and the download.

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