Onclick on native Sparkle button

Hi there, I’d like to add onclick=“myFunction()” on a button in Sparkle, is possible?
How can I do that?

I already know that is possible through the “incorporate code” function, but I’d like to add style via Sparkle


Sparkle focuses on visual website editing and onclick is a typical coding hook. If you are a coder you know what to do with the available hooks, but discussing that is out of scope for us.

Ok, thank you for your reply.

This is an option that I would love to see added to Sparkle. There are so many instances where you may wish to add a third-party script to a website that requires a custom onclick function to be added to images or buttons. I would like to see an extra option in the onclick dropdown that would open a field for adding a custom function. Maybe its difficult to implement or maybe it’s not considered important by the developers, but certainly, if you need to add something, like an image gallery (SEE THIS TOPIC), then an option like this becomes indispensable.

We would much rather add the equivalent functionality in an interface that anybody can use. That’s kind of the whole point of Sparkle. There are many many tools for coders. After all the effort of building a visual website builder, adding the finishing touches in a form that only coders can use would really miss the mark.


@duncan, Totally totally totally agree big time!!! :slight_smile:

Assolutamente d’accordo! Continuate sulla strada già tracciata del “tutto visual”. Non siamo tutti programmatori!