.Online not recognised

I am trying to set up a new site, with a .online domain, but when I come to enter it into Sparkle to publish it states it doesn’t exist and won’t allow me to progress any further.
The full domain is sicherry.online
Has anyone else come across this issue.

Hi @Sicherry,

the problem is perhaps incorrectly stated in Sparkle, but what it means is sicherry.online does not resolve in the DNS, in other words you own the domain but it is not associated with a web hosting space.

As a temporary edge case it might be, but it’s too soon and that information hasn’t reached public DNS servers broadly yet, and will fix itself in a matter of hours (usually).

But if you haven’t also purchased a web hosting space, please do so. Once that’s setup the DNS should also be properly configured and publishing will… proceed to the next step, or error message.


Hello @duncan ,
Thank you for the reply, I have double-checked the domain sicherry.online, it is connected to my current hosting company but still can not connect via sparkle. I have tested it on Filezilla and Cyberduck and they both are able to connect to my files with FTP but Sparkle still states it doesn’t exist.


Hi Sicherry,

Somehow it looks that your domain is still not associated with any internet service.
Even more i was not able to get an ip address for your domain (see screenshot below)
I would advice you to check with your hosting provider.