Only ‍publish ‍actually ‍changed ‍files not working

BlueHost server. Mac OS 11.0.1 Big Sur. Sparkle 3.0.2
A minor change to my web site (changed font size on a link on site Home page). When I went to publish to the server, all data was uploaded. Due to the high number of image files it took over two hours. I realize that Internet speeds play a part but I did have a fairly fast connection. Alternatively, the same thing happened when I exported to a local disk on my computer (although at a much faster speed).

Hi @dhand, we have looked into this numerous times and so far have never found Sparkle to behave incorrectly.

Please try publishing, and then as soon as it’s finished, publish a second time. If the second time images are republished then get in touch via email ( and we’ll set you up to do more in depth testing.

Hello Duncan - Thanks. I have and will send the latest log via email.

You did not change the general setting for image compression?