Open Door Retreats - first (simple) SVG animation
My latest identity design commission and Sparkle build (including my first SVG animation in KeyShape).
Very happy client.
Thanks Duncan & team for your support :+1:t3:


A great job @harvest! A really solid build and visually grabbing! :slight_smile:

Just a couple small thingsโ€ฆ

  • your modal popup I thought at first jumped me to another website because there is no visual reference that I was still on the site and also on mobile a modal that covers the viewing screen google and the like goes for
  • on tablet all content is taken to the edge of the screen - could do with a margin

Thanks for the kind words and observations.

  • Modal is only there for the next few weeks to drum up interest but point taken. Might work better with some site showing through so as not to alarm.
  • I built 2 breakpoints (large desktop + wide mobile) and let Sparkle build the rest as required. Might add the wide tablet if I get time.
    Cheers, Gary
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