Open facebook app from FB icon

Hi Duncan!
I’m wondering if there a possibility to open facebook in the app (not in web browser) when I do click in the Facebook icon integration.
Just like Intagram, in this case, it is possible to open the Instagram app when I click the icon.

I’ve tried in another way, with icofont and linking the facebook account, but is the same case, it opens facebook in the browser.

Please let me know,

If you mean on mobile, it’s entirely up to the OS to do that. From a website point of view, it’s mostly just opening regular website links, that the website intercepts and redirects to an app.

Yeah, I’m talking from mobile experience. It’s a shame that opens a website and no the app, or redirect.
Maybe in the future the OS will do that.
Thanks Duncan!

I see what you mean. @duncan, OP might be wanting something similar to what WhatsApp does with its wa dot me links that are designed specifically to open WhatsApp and initiate a chat and optionally even have some pre-filled content.

@tanyyys, try opening this on your phone by copy-pasting. It does not seem to work from this forum, it works via the URL bar in the browser. You can try using this on your website FB icon and if it works, customise it the way you want.

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Hi Phoenix 1386, thanks for your help, but the link doesn’t works. :frowning_face: