Open Font License - Google Fonts

This may be of interest to those of you who do graphic design that is then incorporated into Sparkle web designs, and it’s pretty cool and handy!

So we all know that Sparkle can use Google Fonts which is great for many reasons but here is a scenario that you may have encountered when doing graphic design, ready to import into Sparkle etc.

In your Sparkle web design lets say that you are using the ‘Alice’ Google web font, but you also wish to design a graphic for the website and you need to match the font i.e to use the ‘Alice’ Google font in say a graphic header or logo etc. This is a problem because you do not have the ‘Alice’ font installed to use on the macOS within your graphic application.

To get around this problem install the SkyFonts app, this application can be used to install Google web fonts into native .ttf fonts that macOS is able to use etc.

If you are interested (and it’s free) I will include the link below…

Enjoy and have fun designing.


I think any Mac font manager will do this? There are many.

I’m not sure if the built in Apple Font manager can do this, I’ll have to look into this etc, but if people don’t want to spend money buying a font manager, and they just do a little casual design, then this might be suitable etc.

The other nice feature of sky fonts is the option to synchronise between computers.


Totally and thanks for pointing it out Scott! Helping each other is the spirit of this community. I’ll add Fontbase is a highly rated Mac font manager that has an excellent free version for the casual designer.

@rimram Nice! I use the native macOS Font Book which handles Google Fonts nicely. Google fonts usually come as .ttf (if not mistaken) that Font Book can handle as well as .otf.