Opinions about the use of a third level domain

Good morning everyone. Can anyone tell me if the creation of a third level domain like “youname.yoursite.com” can create any problem from being indexed by search engines?
Can you also tell me if it is necessary to specifically set up the project in Sparkle?
To highlight that both the main site and the third level site are both created in Sparkle.


I’m not sure anybody knows exactly what search engines look for, but I see plenty of third levels in search results so I don’t think it’s a problem per se.

The publishing setup depends on how your web host does it, there’s no single rule or standard. Generally speaking you will have to use the third level address as your web address, and if the publish location is not auto-detected you then need to pick the server side folder that’s in the server configuration for the website.

Thank you Duncan for your response.
In your opinion, with Sparkle should I publish the main site and the third level site as separate sites? It doesn’t seem to me that it’s possible to set something like that on Sparkle, also because the third level domain seems to me to be configured directly on the host interface.

They need to be separate projects, because access to resources like images need to be each in their own web address, and event though it’s a subdomain it’s a different address.

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