Opinions - slide show on iPhone

I’m just wondering if a slide show is a good idea on the 320px variant. What one is looking at is basically a post card. Tablets and desktops seem to work out well for slide show applications, but do you think the 320 px in portrait could be a little small. Don’t know many who flip a phone to landscape to view pics.
One could take the representing photos and just stack vertically on the Sparkle canvass. Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Hi Bill,

Yes, it makes sense to use slide show on 320 px. Mobile phones are being used to watch movies (at least as advertised).

Well, I am a bit kidding. In my opinion mobiles are good for simple information search like train schedule, nearest restaurant and the like. But the trend is to use mobiles instead of desktop computers (which in fact they are if connected to regular display). From time to time I have a look at my server’s log and I find many visitors who use mobiles for surfing my personal site which is full of technical text. I wouldn’t be able to stand it. Typing on mobiles is horrible for me but I see many young people who do it at lighthning speed virtually with no errors.

Thus, my final conclusion: there is no need to worry too much about visitors gear comfort, if one is ready to visit complicated graphically or in any other aspect website it is his/her problem. Otherwise our designs may easily become too simplistic and poor.

All the best.

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