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Hi folks,

i want to use the SEO-Assistant.
The tool tells me to use all keywords within site description.
How have keywords to be separated within that field:
Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-26 um 17.06.09

With space? Comma? Simicolon?

I’m asking because it takes no effect if i fill the field with some keywords. The Assistant indentifies always a problem.
Here is a sample:

The keywords are: “Safari”, “Auto” and “Abenteuer”

The site description is: “Erleben Sie eine aufregende Safari mit dem Auto. Ein Abenteuer, das Sie nie vergessen werden.”

As you can see the keywords are integrated. But the SEO-Assistant find a problem.

It takes no effect if i separate the keywords like this: Safari Auto Abenteuer, or like this: Safari, Auto, Abenteuer or like this: Safari; Auto; Abenteuer

Hi @saber1,

what are search engines doing in essence? They’re trying to find the best answer to the query the search engine user entered.

Often the answer is not even a page, that’s when search engines show images, or direct wikipedia quotes, or results of calculations or currency conversions, all “best answers”.

In the vast majority of cases though the answer is in the form of a web page answering the query.

Your goal as a website builder is either to buy a spot next to the answers (ads), or build the page providing the best answer to the query.

The query is formulated in terms of “keywords” or “keyphrase”, which apparently has been translated as just “phrase” in German.

The idea with SEO targeting is since there’s no direct way to tell search engines what keywords the page is about (everybody gamed the system when that was the case), you tell Sparkle what search engine query you would like your page to be the best answer for, and after that the SEO assistant will use that to help you make the necessary changes in the page so that the page itself maximizes the signals that suggest to search engines a match for the query.

So the content of the keywords SEO targeting should be just like a query. So you can just enter “Safari Auto Abenteuer”.

I think the problem there is Sparkle is assuming that the semicolons are part of the keywords, and we should definitely fix that, but for the time being you can remove the semicolons and it should improve things.


Hi @duncan

that make things clear. The field works like the google input field.
Now i type the three words in again (with spaces) the SEO-Assistant find no issue there.
I test it before. Strange. All is fine now.

Thank you. :ok_hand: