Option to upload Sparkle file to server

Does anyone else agree that backing up the Sparkle file to the server seems like a nice idea? Heaven knows, things can go wrong locally, and having such a backup might never be needed…or some day may.
So…my suggestion is to have a checkbox in Sparkle to give you that option.
Ideally, each time you update a site, it would only upload the changes.

@macmancape, Have you thought about using iCloud in that way?

I have my Sparkle files locally, time-machined, and in the iCloud but I wonder about placing it on a subscription based server? The Sparkle file can become really big and some hosting servers have limited space on their cheaper plans… just my thoughts.

Thanks for the suggestion. For the time being you will need to use ordinary backup strategies.

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I tried using GitHub, but they have a file size limitation of 100MB (my Sparkle file is 342MB). So I use a local git client to keep versions, and I’m about to setup a ChronoSync app to make a copy of the Sparkle file and any other support files that have changed to a file server in the office. That’s in addition to my Time Machine backup.

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