Options to buy Sparkle Pro

I’m thinking about to buy the Sparkle Pro (one time purchase).
I used Sparkle now about one Year in the free Version (and I’m very happy with it), but now I want to create more than only one Website.
I downloaded Sparkle from the AppStore, because it’s for me the easiest way for updates.
Now to my questions:

  • Are there any difference buying it in the App or on the Website?
  • And dose the buy support Family sharing from Apple?

Best wishes from Germany

Hi @Bergruebe,

app or website are identical, only unlocking is different.

Family Sharing of AppStore In-App Purchases has been so far impossible. Apple recently announced it will become a developer option, to enable it. We haven’t made a final decision about that, but we charge an additional fee for the Family version on our website, so we will probably not allow that.

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Thank you for your fast answers!

I’ve buy it today, I think it was the right decision.
The difference between downloaded from the App Store and from the website is:
In Sparkle from the App Store you can’t inside the license code from Website.

But I know, that you can’t change it, because Apple do not want any other option to buy something.

Thank you for this super Software! :grinning: