Organization of layers

How do you organize yourself more easily with the layer names?
Maybe this will give us some new ideas. Thank you.

Layers are very simple to use and provide the following:

Show the stacking order of objects on your page from front to back.

Help you select items that might be behind another item.

If you hide an item on a device layout, the layer item will be greyed on that device type only.

Layers are page-specific, not device specific.

When you group items together they become a layer in the layers panel.

You can name layers any way you want or you can let Sparkle name layers automatically for you.

Note that when adding an item, grouping or ungrouping items, they will go to the top of the layer hierarchy. However there is one exception: If you have made a navigation system (menu) out of a group of items, in most cases, the menu will remain on the top of the layer hierarchy.


Thank you very much, can we select several pop-ups to group them? I can’t do it, is it normal? Thanks

Popups are top-level elements, so we don’t allow grouping. What would be the purpose?

For better organization, I have a lot of pop-up windows, and being able to move them into a group would be more convenient for me.

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