Our little lemon with Ecwid shop

Hi folks,

we moved our Ecwid-shop to a new domain and chose the little lemon (Greek “lemonaki”) to be our new brand name.

The design is lovely based on the Adventure Pro template from https://www.sparkle-themes.com for which I send my thanks to @Chris !

The layouts I chose are 320, 960, 1200 and 1920. That is because I started to work on all 6 layouts and then got rid of the 480 and 768 which I then scaled automatically.

Check out https://www.lemonaki.de and let me know your thoughts and comments.




Love the new name @ThomasC! :slight_smile:

The one obvious one I could bring your attention to is the website looks far too big (hero, images, text) on a 27" monitor which the Ecwid Shop isn’t replicating.

How is your online store performing? Are you getting the needed traction?

Thank you so much, Hendrik! Yeah, we love our little lemon a lot as well.

You are absolutely right about the website being very big on the 27" monitor. As our customers are mostly older and appreciate a website that is easier to read, I would like to figure out how to enlarge the fonts and images on the Ecwid store (which obviously I have not figured out yet).

In the meantime I have put the 1200 and 1920 to rest and activated automatical scaling. So far I cannot see any difference.

As for the performance, well, as our Ecwid shop is a side project (our main business is teaching traditional Greek dances, see https://www.chamalidis.com) and needs more attention as far as SEO and advertisement goes. Our customers are mostly people we know and we also find new customers on our dance seminars. But, as a webshop we are very happy with what Ecwid offers and it fits nicely into our Sparkle website and performs well from a technical standpoint.

Just one thing that did not work on the Sparkle part of www.lemonaki.com: The “Sparkle” Ecwid basket and product search would not work and only show a place holder. So I had to use the external content feature and fill in the code Ecwid provides. That worked but I was limited in terms of color choice (none).

Thanks again for your input!

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Hi Thomas…
From memory you can increase the font (using CSS) by asking Ecwid to override what it has already in place. Yeh… you would have to touch a bit of code - not ideal.

I have the Sparkle Ecwid basket working nicely and I was able to colour it as well. I also have Sparkle Ecwid Search working as well. You can see it here - Shop | TNG&T Tasmania

Also good to hear that Ecwid is working for you as it should! :slight_smile: