Out off applications memory

My friend has a homepage made with Sparkle (Of course). It has about 43 pages with many pictures, some movies and text. Running on an iMac 2019 with 16Gb RAM and Big Sur. MacOS pops up with a message saying that there is no more application memory and suggest to close some apps: Sparkle and Finder. It just happens suddenly.

A limit or bug in Sparkle or …

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We’ll take a look, thanks.

Is your boot hard drive full?

Nope. About 500Gb free.

Also receiving “Out of Application Memory” but only when publishing. My site has many large videos hosted at Godaddy. Running on brand new M1 MacBook Pro 8 GB RAM, Big Sur, hard drive has 494.38 GB available.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Hi @JohnSterlin, sorry about the trouble. As mentioned in another thread, a Sparkle bug related to some some specific project features. It’s fixed for the upcoming 3.0.7, for the time being please close and reopen Sparkle.

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